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2624 SE Division St
Portland, OR, 97202
United States

MakerFlat is a short term guest house in Portland focused on preserving craft in Portland.  Our community of Portland Makers and Artists furnish the space so that guests have the opportunity to purchase while here.


Christopher Bibby

Christopher Bibby’s life as an artist began as a small child growing up in Cheshire located in Northwest England. Having been drawn to the lines and angles of geometric shapes from an early age, he began bringing squares and rectangles into life in the form of colorful paintings after seeing magazine articles on Van Gogh and Mondrian at the age of 7, these efforts won him a painting contest at his local school. However, it wouldn’t be until he visited Glasgow, Scotland, at the age of twenty that he would discover the inspiration to devote all his time and energy into being the best artist he could possibly be.

A buzzing city of warmth, vibrancy and stunning architecture, Glasgow evoked a sense of passion and fascination in him. Endlessly influenced by the dynamics of the city—the movement of its buildings, the weaving dance of its vehicles, the spirit of its citizens and the energy inspired him to draw and paint constantly, much in the same fasion as Van Gogh would work ( still to this day his biggest influence ) —he spent his the rest of his twenties developing and honing the distinctive talents at art school, but also in his own time studying other classic painters such as Cezzane, Klimt, Hunderwassser and Rothko until he developed the patchwork line and style that would become the signature element of his entire body of work.

Today, utilizing oil paints, wax, pencils, crayons and a number of mark-making tools in the production of his work, he is able to communicate through the textures and dimensions unique to each piece of art.





Bagdad Theatre

Description/Materials: Giclee on Canvas

Price: $99


St Johns Bridge

Description/Materials: Giclee on Canvas

Price: $149