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2624 SE Division St
Portland, OR, 97202
United States

MakerFlat is a short term guest house in Portland focused on preserving craft in Portland.  Our community of Portland Makers and Artists furnish the space so that guests have the opportunity to purchase while here.



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bryan danger

In the case of the home that will serve as MakerFlat, the bones were not terrifically appealing.  The layout of the home was an odd collection of rooms that formed over the last 100 years without a good deal of planning, or concern for daylight or experience.

We decided that before Inviting others to share our home we should probably fix some of those problem before making the space more appealing for both us and the guests that choose to stay here.

To that end...we pulled out the sledgehammers, crowbars and saws and ripped out everything that didn't need to be there.  A dirty, dusty and exhausting couple of days later and the shell of MakerFlat could finally be seen as envisioned.  This is actually one of my favorite phases in any construction process as it's a clean slate.  A blank canvas for whatever you can imagine.

In this case, we will be flipping the entire floor plan to allow an open flow between living spaces and to refocus the house and its spaces on natural daylight, the backyard and garden area.  We will get underway soon rebuilding the space and putting all the pieces back together.

After all, our artists and makers have been hard at work designing and crafting all the pieces that will make up the heart and soul of MakerFlat...we should be working just as hard to make the backdrop everything it can be!